Mobile Cocktail &

Ice Cream Bar

Alcoholic / Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Ice Cream for Children & Adults, Indoors or Out


  • Fully Licensed Drinks and Ice Cream Bar.
  • Our unique method of Placing our Cocktail bags into Liquid Nitrogen creates a smoky visual effect, instantly cooling your cocktail with no ice to melt into your drink!
  • A full range of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks for any occassion.
  • We cater specifically for you and will work to create the perfect menu for your event.
  • Weddings / Parties /Fun days/ Any Outdoor or Indoor Events. 
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or Call Us: 07889 266 563

Lab Walkthrough

  • Cocktails/ Alcoholic Slushy / MIlkshakes / Ice Cream/ Hot and cold drinks!
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails give guests a visual display that they will always remember!  
  • The size of our Trailer (6.5 Metres x 2.1m) allows us to carry all the drinks and ice cream you need.

Catering for Adults & Children:

  • Our product range can be suitable for adults and children, as we offer alcoholic and non alcoholic versions of all products.
  • All Drinks and ice creams are prepared to order. This is how we can create such a diverse menu.
  • From our Slushies to our ice creams, we create incredible flavours, using alcohol for adult catering.

Indoor and Outdoor Events:

  • If you want your event to stand out, use Johnny Nitro.
  • Unique Cocktail & Ice Cream Mobile Lab.
  • Full indoor setup also available.

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  • We serve our Cocktails in Science Bags! This way, we can INSTANTLY cool your drinks